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Recycle For Cause, a division of Blue Star Electronic LLC Recycling, is one of the world’s leading asset disposition companies. We focus on eliminating the risks surrounding data security.

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We work with our customers to identify the greater value that is locked up in older equipment and components, destroying proprietary boards, circuits and drives.

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Welcome to Recycle For Cause
A Division of Blue Star Company Inc.

Recycle For Cause focuses on helping non-profit organizations host e-Waste recycling events which both allow free e-Waste recycling for consumers and a share in the profits for the non-profit organizations.

Although the comprehensive, proven, end-to-end IT asset disposition services are very important to the mission of Blue Star Electronics, LLC we believe that giving back to the community as a whole should be part of a recycle, reuse and renew process. Our services also extend to include data security and destruction, corporate employee sales, redeployment, remarketing, lease return, pick up and delivery, and environmentally responsible recycling of all types of information technology.


Blue Star’s industry leading credentials and solution-oriented services make a reclamation resource you can count on today and down the road.

Recycle For Cause provides convenient and safe commercial and Residential recycling services according to the EPA’s standard guidelines.

Let us turn your old and excess equipment into a tax write-off by providing schools and other charitable institutions with refurbished materials.

If you have enough items, we come to your business or residence and pickup your new or used electronics free of charge for recycling at our recycling center.


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Our 6th grade classes used Bluestar for a fundraiser. Not only did Louis provide great support prior to the event, they helped with advertising by posting on their website and providing banners and flyers. Not only did they provide ALL the manpower...but, they dropped off a check within a ...

Feb 20, 2014

Recycle for Cause

Drop-Off Spots

Recycle for Cause can pickup e-Waste from your business, however, if you’re a local resident and do not have a lot of items and would simply like to drop it off somewhere, there are a few places for you to do so. Click Here for some places you can drop off your e-waste and designate ANY organization as the beneficiary.

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